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Mass Communications and Center for New Media

Tayler Zinanti, Mass Comm major, on-air in the KTSC-FM studio

The Mass Communications Department and Center for New Media provides an applied major in which technological innovation finds meaning in a traditional humanities and social sciences curriculum. The 42-credit major can lead to careers including advertising, broadcasting, journalism, new media and public relations through three primary emphasis areas.

According to a 2012 study, employers rank Communication as the second “most loved” degree. Nationally the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects more than 1.7 million new jobs for arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations. The average hourly wage is $25.89 and average annual wage is $53,850. In Colorado, the number of employees in this category is more than 37,000, with a mean annual wage of more than $49,000. Colorado has a substantially higher concentration, than the national average, for jobs in this sector.

Curriculum includes three primary emphasis areas of Electronic Media, Integrated Communication and Journalism. Students complete the MCCNM core, their emphasis area courses, and several skills-based electives. The MCCNM faculty have many years of professional experience in their field, as well as
impressive academic credentials.

Advising is considered a priority in the department, with both students and faculty taking responsibility to insure that students are successful in their college experience. Faculty members encourage students to use this website and the University catalog to prepare for advising appointments.

TODAY is the department’s online news site and print news magazine; both are produced by journalism students.  Editorial and management positions are awarded each semester after review of applications from qualified students.  Student opportunities include news, features, sports, and editorial, in both print and online journalism operations.  TODAY is funded through advertising revenue generated by the MCCNM student advertising staff.  Pre-requisites: declared MCCNM major or minor and MCCNM 201. (more)

REV 89 LOGO-CSU-Pueblo2013.jpgREV 89 is licensed to CSU-Pueblo as an educational radio station by the Federal Communications Commission.  Operated by the Mass Communications Department which serves Southern Colorado.  Revenue for the station is generated by community underwriting.  Department students provide daily programming and production for news, music, public affairs and sports.  A fulltime station manager oversees all operations. Pre-requisites: declared MCCNM major or minor and MCCNM 140. (more)

KTSC Studio

KTSC-TV/RMPBS is a public broadcasting station affiliated with Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting and CPB, and provides lab training and on-campus internships for television students.  Students help produce live programming that includes "Homework Hotline" and "Matchwits."  Pre-requisites: declared MCCNM major or minor and MCCNM 245. (more)

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My name is Ye Charlotte Ming, from Qingdao, China. I graduated from CSU-Pueblo's Mass Communications department in 2012 with an emphasis in journalism. I'm currently studying at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to further my training as a visual journalist. CSU-Pueblo is where my passion for journalism began, and the skills I learned there will always accompany me as I go further.