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BonoboThe anthropology minor provides students with an informed understanding of the cultural diversity evident in human societies and the concepts by which anthropologists explain cultural dynamics. The program emphasizes a holistic awareness of the relationships of all the parts of social and cultural systems. The program prepares students to understand anthropological methods and theories and to apply them to academic as well as to life experiences. 

Anthropology Program Goals

  • Students will be able to deal with intellectual problems and engage in critical thinking in a lucid fashion, reflecting logical inquiry and knowledge of pertinent information.
  • Students will possess knowledge and experience of cultural and sub-cultural groups other than their own.
  • Students will achieve an understanding of a spectrum of anthropological sub-divisions and will be knowledgeable in at least two areas.

Specific Requirements for the Anthropology Minor 

The minor consists of 21 semester hours of anthropology courses; ANTHR 100 is required, and six hours must be upper division. The rest of the courses may be based upon the student's interest. No grades below C are accepted toward the minor.

Outcome Assessment Activities

The assessment of anthropology students' progress is a continuing process from matriculation to graduation.