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Programs of Study


The Certificate in Homeland Security Studies is a 9 credit-hour program for CSU students in any academic major and for returning or non-degree seeking students as well. Examples of such students include: those in the military; community law enforcement; emergency services personnel; or those simply interested in learning about homeland security.  The Certificate curriculum revolves around a three course sequence including: Introduction to Homeland Security; Terrorism; and Critical Incident Management. Students in these classes focus on a wide range of homeland security issues, from national security and homeland defense, to the many features of natural and manmade disaster response, to domestic criminal and counterterrorism challenges.​


The Minor in Homeland Security Studies is an 18 credit-hour program open to CSU students of any academic major.  The minor provides students an in-depth understanding of the mission, challenges, and method behind homeland security.  In addition to the three class sequence required for the certificate, the curriculum for the Minor includes advanced courses on: Intelligence and National Security; Threat and Strategic Planning; and Homeland Security and the Law.  Students in these classes focus intently on the challenges inherent in the practice of homeland security and defense, including: the role of the intelligence community and how it operates within the domestic environment; the legal and constitutional pursuit of security; and the development of cohesive response plans to threats and incidents.