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The ThunderWolves Marching Band!

Service Award Scholarship Program

The Department of Music is extremely excited to announce our NEW Service Award Scholarship Program, made possible through the generosity of the Lois W. Mathis and J. Roland Mathis Education Trust.  Even if you might be receiving financial assistance through academic scholarships, music scholarships of any kind, or are receiving other incentives, you are eligible to receive additional financial assistance from the marching band.  With each year of successful participation, your award will go up incrementally totaling $3,700.00 over the course of four years at CSU-Pueblo.  The conditions of these awards include: 1) You must be at least a part-time CSU-Pueblo student (enrolling in marching band will meet this requirement; 2) You must pass the marching band class with a final course grade of “C” or better; 3) You must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; and 4) You must remain in good standing with the Marching Band Director.  Awards will be distributed at the end of each marching season as follows:

1st Year of Participation = $500.00


2nd Year of Participation = $700.00


3rd Year of Participation = $1,000.00


4th Year of Participation = $1,500.00




Thank you to CSU-Pueblo student Jonathan Garcia for his work on producing this video.

For more information, please contact Dr. Alan Mills, CSU-Pueblo Director of Bands

719-549-2524 |


Listen to the CSU-Pueblo ThunderWolves Marching Band:

CSU-Pueblo Fight Song

(©2010, Colorado State University - Pueblo)

Takin It To The Streets

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Fall of 2009 marked the debut season of the ThunderWolves Marching Band. This new student organization was generously funded through both campus and community efforts and we want you to be a part of the excitement!

The Marching Band Performs in front of thousands of people each year at all CSU-Pueblo Football games located in the 6,500 seat pro-turf Neta and Eddie DeRose ThunderBowl Football stadium as well as serves as an ambassador for the University through community outreach events each fall.  Look for us each year at the Colorado State Fair & Fiesta Day Parades and you can also find us doing exhibition performances at several high school marching contests each October. At least 1 year of high school band experience is generally required (or Director approval) for participation as a wind, percussion, or Colorguard member. Members need not have a background in marching band to be a member of the band.  All students, regardless of academic major, are encouraged to participate.

Service Award Scholarship Incentives are also available to all qualifying students, regardless of degree major.  Contact the Marching Band Director for more information: 719-549-2521.

Students should sign up according to the number of years of marching band participation at CSU-Pueblo:

  MUS 135 - first year

  MUS 230 - second year

  MUS 330 - third year

  MUS 430 - fourth year, fourth year+

  MUS 530 - graduate

Each fall, the band holds a Camp to kick start the season.  This is required for all participants.  Camp often starts exactly two weeks prior to the start of classes each fall, but you should contact the Marching Band Director to confirm the start date each year.  Late arrivals are permitted only by approval of the Marching Band Director.  An information letter goes out each summer (usually by the middle of July) with all of the details for fall camp and the performance schedule for the full fall season so that students can plan ahead for all events.  Students who enroll in class by July 1st each year will automatically receive the summer mailing to the address listed on their university account (make sure your address is current).  Students who enroll after July 1st should contact the Director to receive a copy of the information letter.

Please note that all CSU-Pueblo students who have signed a contract with Student Housing/Residence Life for fall semester will be able to move into the residence halls according to your report day for Camp without any extra charges.  Please contact the Marching Band Director for more information.

ThunderWolves Marching Band Staff

    Dr. Alan W. Mills - Director

    Bret Gathercoal - Assistant to the Director 

    Eddie Dowdle - Director of Drumline Activities

    Aaron Turner - Assistant Director of Drumline Activities 

    Debra Baker - Woodwind Technical Adviser

    Patrick Smith - Brass Technical Adviser

    Jackie Choate - Director of Colorguard Activities