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Academic Planning Sheet: Music (BA Music)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad base for a number of careers in music such as private studio teachers, and is intended as preparation for advanced graduate study.

2014-2015 BA Music Planning Sheet         

General Education Requirements:  35 semester hours
ENG 101: English Composition 1 (3)
ENG 102: English Composition 11 (3)
Mathematics Course (3)
Humanities Courses (9)
                MUS 118: Music Appreciation (3)
                Foreign Language (6)
History Courses (3)
Social Sciences Courses (6)
Natural and Physical Sciences Courses (8) (2 courses with lab)
Transfer Students:
Course Completed elsewhere             CSU-Pueblo equivalent
(Ex: English 101)                                    (Ex: English 101)
Foreign Language Requirements:
Students seeking the degree of Bachelor of Arts must complete
One of the three options liste4d below:
1)       Completion of the second level of a foreign language (course number 102)
*Students may not test out of the course
* Completion of a foreign language course above 102 with a grade of C
    or better will satisfy the requirement
2)       Completion of FL 100, Introduction to Comparative Linguistics, &
ANTHR/EHG 106, Language Thought and Culture
3)       Completion of the first and second level of American Sign Language
Major Course Requirements:                 (48 semester hours)
MUS 150:  Music Theory 1  (2)
MUS 151:  Aural Skills 1 (2)
MUS 210:  Music Theory 11 (2)
MUS 211:  Aural Skills 11 (2)
MUS 250:  Music Theory 111 (2)
MUS 251:  Aural Skills 111 (2)
MUS 280:  Music Theory IV (2)
MUS 281:  Aural Skills IV (2)
MUS 305:  Music History 1 (3)
MUS 355:  Music History 11 (3)
MUS x01:  Music Performance Symposium (0)  (6 sem.)
MUS xxx*: Primary Ensemble (6)    (6 sem. 2upper division)
MUS xxx** Secondary Ensemble (2)  (2 sem. 1 upper level division)
MUS xxx:  Major Applied Lesson (12)   (6 sem. 2 upper level division)
MUS 127:  Functional Piano 1:  Beginning 1 (1)  (may be repeated)
MUS 229:  Piano Proficiency Completion (1)
MUS 103:  Music & Computer Technology 1 (1)
MUS 303:  Music & Computer Technology 11 (1)
MUS 357:  Orchestration & Arranging (3)
MUS 358:  Basic Conducting (2)
·         Note: Piano student complete either of the following in lieu of
Functional Piano courses:
MUS 346:  Piano Literature (3)
MUS 347:  Piano Pedagogy (3)
Free Electives (35-37 semester hours)
Institutional Graduation Requirements:
Total of 120 semester hours, minimum
Complete a minimum of 40 semester hours upper-division courses
Overall cumulative grade point average of 2.00
A minimum of 60 semester hours must be earned from a four year institution.  Of these, a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit must be earned in   residence.
Of the last 30 semester credits earned immediately proceeding graduation, no more than 15 may be completed at other colleges or universities.
All other requirements as spe3cified in the Catalog.
Additional Major-Graduation Requirements:
Students are required to complete all major courses with a grade of C or better and to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
All music majors must qualify for admission to Upper Division study by successfully completing the Junior Qualifying exam at the end of the sophomore year.
All students must participate in appropriate Primary and Secondary ensembles as assigned each semester.
Piano majors take MUS 347 – Piano Pedagogy in lieu of Functional Piano courses.

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