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Specific Requirements for the Sociology Minor

Minors in sociology require a minimum of 20 semester hours, of which six hours must be upper division. SOC 101 is required. No grades below C are accepted toward the minor.

Visit the Sociology department for more information about the program.

Co-Curricular Requirements

Generally there are no co-curricular requirements, although students with an emphasis in criminology are encouraged to complete an internship in a criminal justice agency or program.

Outcome Assessment Activities

  • Completion of all required courses.
  • The department believes that grades are one valid indicator of the quality of student work. No grade below C will, therefore, be accepted toward the major or minor.
  • Student achievement will be assessed in the outcome areas on the basis of a standardized national achievement test.
  • For the sociology minor, grades will provide a valid measure of student performance. The department will examine and maintain records of grades of students minoring in sociology as one means of assessment.