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Professional Writing

A Writing Minor for the Modern Workplace

The English program’s minor in professional writing (18 hours) trains students to write persuasively in the workplace. Students enrolled in the minor will gain career-relevant experience writing, editing, and designing professional documents, including grant proposals, formal reports, instruction manuals, and web sites.

"[The professional writing minor] helped me get my job...I spend most of my time at work writing copy for emails, blogs, flyers, landing pages, social media, internal communications, and various other external communications. Most of what I do is directly related to the studies in my minor."      --Jeremy Mathis, Spring 2014 Graduate​

Visit the English department for more information about the program.

Program Goals

 The minor in professional writing prepares students with the skills employers are seeking in college graduates. Students who complete the minor will be able to do the following:

  • ​Work in teams to complete projects
  • Solve problems and make ethical decisions
  • Communicate with a variety of audiences
  • Write, edit, and design professional documents
  • Create content using visual, digital, and social media

Students will demonstrate these skills through the creation of professional portfolios that may be shared with potential employers.  

Student Learning Outcomes

The professional writing program emphasizes developing rhetorical awareness and ability; therefore professional
writing minors will learn to understand and articulate key theoretical concepts pertinent to the study of rhetoric,
including verbal, visual, and multimedia rhetoric.  Professional Writing minors will also learn to assess and
respond appropriately to the needs of a given audience, to edit their work and the work of their peers given the
constraints of specific projects and media, to design documents using appropriate technological resources as
well as appropriate elements of design, to develop a critical-rhetorical lens through which they will analyze a
range of professional writing documents, and to also apply this knowledge to professional writing situations.  Lastly,
Professional Writing minors will learn to develop a digital portfolio that will assist in the pursuit of their professional
and academic goals.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 18 credit hours to earn a minor in professional writing. Please see the attached file for specific information on course requirements and electives.

Specific Requirements for the Professional Writing Minor

Required Core Courses (9 Hours):

ENG 204 Introduction to Rhetoric* (3)
ENG 305 Technical and Scientific Report Writing (3)
ENG 404 Writing in the Professions (3)

Elective Courses, Selected under the direction of advisors (9 Hours):

COMR 212 Argumentation (3)
COMR 305 Communicating in Professions (3)
ENG 304 Advanced Rhetorical Study (3)
ENG 306 Visual Rhetoric (3)
ENG 317 Creative Non-Fiction (3)
ENG 319 Professional Editing (3)
ENG 325 Nature Writing in the West (3)
ENG 326 Writing for the Web (3)
ENG 335 Gender and Communication (3)
ENG 345 Multiculturalisms in America (3)
ENG 440 Magazine Writing (3)
ENG 445 Magazine Editing and Production (3)

*Prerequisite course for the following:​
ENG 304 Advanced Rhetorical Study
ENG 305 Scientific and Technical Report Writing
ENG 306 Visual Rhetoric
ENG 404 Writing in the Professions

For more information contact:​ 

Dr. Scott Gage, Assistant Professor of English​
Psychology 109