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Undergraduate Program in History

If you are a new or transfer student who has not yet been assigned a history advisor, please contact the current undergraduate coordinator, or our administrative assistant.

Student Studying

Administrative Assistant

Alysse McCanna, PSY102, (719) 549-2156

Undergraduate Advisors

Dr. Jonathan Rees, PSY118, (719) 549-2541
Dr. Judy Gaughan, PSY122, (719) 549-2417
Dr. Fawn Amber Montoya, PSY165, (719) 549-2620
Dr. Paul Conrad, PSY123, (719) 549-2251
Dr. Brigid Vance, PSY121, (719) 549-2800


The history program at Colorado State University--Pueblo currently has more than a hundred majors.  Students choosing history as their major receive a broad liberal arts education, preparing students for careers in teaching, law, government, secondary education and private enterprise as well as entry into graduate programs.  Small class sizes (of fewer than 40 students in lower-level courses, and 15-30 students in upper-level courses) allow students to develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and research.  Students also have the opportunity to meet with their professors on a one-to-one basis. The major in history leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS). 

Program Goals

  • To provide students with a general knowledge of history and historical methodology;
  • To prepare students, through training in communication skills and in research methods, to gain knowledge of a given area of history;
  • To prepare students to continue personal study and learning about specific subject areas in the discipline on an independent basis;
  • To prepare students to engage in critical thinking; and
  • To introduce students to the theoretical frameworks that serve as the foundation of historical scholarship.


Expected Student Outcomes

General Requirements

No grade below C is acceptable in the major or minor.

Core Requirements for the History Major

HIST Courses Titles Credits
HIST101 World Civilization to 1100 3
HIST102 World Civilization 1100 to 1800 3
HIST103 World Civilization since 1800 3
HIST201 United States History I 3
HIST202 United States History II 3
HIST300 Historiography 3
HIST493 Seminar 3
     TOTAL 21

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in History

Students must complete the “Core Requirements for the History Major” as outlined above, plus 15 hours of history electives.  A minimum of two semesters of college level foreign language is required for the BA degree in History; more is recommended. The BA degree in History is appropriate for students planning to attend graduate or law school.  Students must also complete the general University requirements.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in History: General Emphasis

Students must complete the “Core Requirement for the History Major” outlined above, plus 21 hours of history electives (at least fifteen hours to be upper level).  This emphasis is designed for those students who intend to enter business or government directly after graduation.  Students must also complete the general University requirements.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in History: Secondary Education Emphasis

The Secondary Education emphasis for the History Major leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science (BS) and prepares students for teaching at the middle and high school level. Students must complete the “Core Requirements for the History Major” listed above, 15 hours of history electives, the “Social Science Courses Required for Certification” listed below, and all requirements of the Teacher Education Program and the general University requirements.

Other Social Science Courses Required for Certification

Courses Titles Credits
ECON201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
GEOG101 Physical Geography 3
GEOG103 World Regional Geography 3
POLSC101 American National Politics 3
POLSC102 State and Local Governments 3
    TOTAL 15

Specific Requirements for the History Minor

HIST Courses Titles Credits
Nine hours selected from the following courses:  

HIST101 World Civilization 3
HIST102 World Civilization to 1100 3
HIST103 World Civilization since 1800 3
HIST201 United States History I 3
HIST202 United States History II 3

HIST 300 Historiography 3
History Electives approved by the minor advisor   9
    TOTAL 21

Special Opportunities for CSU-Pueblo Students

Unique opportunities exist for on-campus programming as well as off-site research and internships.  These include:

  • Local internships that provide practical experience in museum work, archives, historic preservation, and community history projects
  • The Bessemer Historical Society (oversees the Colorado Fuel & Iron collection and has published a number of student research papers based on the material held in this archives)
  • El Pueblo Historical Museum
  • Southeastern Colorado Heritage Museum
  • Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
  • Other historic sites in Colorado (such as Bent's Fort and the Sand Creek Massacre NPS site)
  • National internship programs
  • Study abroad programs

Outcomes Assessment Activities

  • Demonstrated proficiency in writing coherent and accurate essays on specific topics within the discipline, as determined by the history faculty.
  • Portfolios will be maintained for each student who has declared history as a major or minor. Portfolios will include academic transcripts, major papers written for courses in the discipline, and other pertinent information. The portfolios will be on file in the department office. Updated copies of all course syllabi will be kept in a central file in the department office to enable qualified students to discover how courses are adapted towards program goals.